Why choose TBM for your insurance needs?

You have plenty of options when it comes to protecting yourself, your loved ones and your belongings with insurance. Why choose TBM Insurance?

You’ll enjoy excellent service and professionalism

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and making sure our clients have the insurance security they need, at competitive prices. We are here to provide a service to you – not sell insurance to you.

We provide trustworthy and expert advice

Our extensive knowledge and experience means that we know the pitfalls and what to look out for. With over 25 years helping clients with their insurance needs, we have seen it all. Our experience means that we have a comprehensive understanding of your needs and can clearly ‘pre-think’ claim scenarios and thus avoid pitfalls.

We will guide you in the right direction with your insurance needs so you can be secure in the knowledge that you and your family have the protection you need and avoid any nasty surprises.

Setting up and managing your insurance is quick and easy – we do most of the work for you

We help busy people who appreciate having annoying insurance paper work made easy. We focus on making the insurance process as quick and easy as possible for our clients and do all the hard work for you!

It doesn’t cost you any more than if you were to organise your insurances independently and because we do this all the time we know exactly what needs to be done so you can relax and not worry that you may have overlooked something important.

Our simple presentation format makes it easier for you to understand exactly what you are covered for

We decipher the fine print and provide clear and concise reports. Insurance conditions are becoming more and more complex. We work through the fine print on your behalf and explain it to you in plain, simple language so you know exactly what you are and are not covered for, ensuring you don’t get any nasty surprises at claim time. We present your insurance in a way that you can understand what you are covered for and not covered for.

We make the claims process easier and faster

Making claims can be a stressful and time-consuming exercise. We assist with the claims process to ensure is as quick and easy as possible.

We source the best products for your needs

We deal with a range of insurance providers. This means we can individually tailor our insurance packages to your specific needs by picking and choosing which policies have the most suitable policy wordings and conditions. All products that we recommend have been independently researched and rated.

It’s in our best interests to look after you over the long term

Our commission scale is spread over a period of years rather than an initial up front fee. This means our focus is on building long-term relationships by making sure you have the best and most cost effective insurance solutions for your needs.

We take the guesswork out of the levels and types of insurance you require

We complete a comprehensive needs analysis for all our clients to establish exactly what you need prior to making our recommendations.

A free annual review

Circumstances change over time and people often forget to adjust their insurances accordingly. When they go to make a claim they find out the hard way that their insurance doesn’t provide the cover they need. We offer free annual reviews to ensure you are always covered properly.

Up-to-date advice and expertise

We are constantly updating and building on our knowledge. We undergo regular training and workshops to ensure our knowledge is kept up to date.

And most important of all…

We are a family business, with family values – we truly care about each and every one of our valued clients, you are not just a ‘client number’ on our books.


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