Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of both your personal and business financial plan.

Having the right life insurance protection means your loved ones and others who depend on your income are protected in the event of your death. Your beneficiaries can replace some of the income you would have earned and can pay off debts and other expenses.

It is important that you have enough life cover to not only cover your outstanding debts such as your mortgage, but also to meet the day to day costs that your family have to meet.

There are a number of different types of life insurance options available, including term life and whole of life. We can help you decide on which option best fits your need and budget.

Trauma Benefit

How would your family or your business cope if you became seriously ill and were not able to work for an extended period of time?

Trauma insurance provides you with a lump sum cash payment in the event of the insured suffering from a specified illness. A critical illness can be just as damaging to family finances as a death, and more so if medical bills result from a long lasting illness.

Income protection

How well could you survive without your income?

A good way to check if you have a need for income insurance is to ask yourself, how long was your last holiday, 2 weeks. 4 weeks, or longer? Why wasn’t it longer? If like most of us, it comes down to affordability and the need to earn an income, then you have a need for income protection insurance. If your income stopped today, how long would you be able to buy groceries, pay your mortgage, pay school fees not to mention utilities?

Income protection insurance covers sickness and accident related injuries that cause the temporary inability to work. This can include things like stress, RSI and back injuries. A regular amount is usually paid each month instead of a one off lump sum.

With income protection insurance there are a wide range of options to suit varying circumstances. Some examples are:

  • Varying wait periods (no benefit period) – the longer the wait period the lower the cost
  • Varying benefit terms – from one year to age 65

Be aware, not all income protection policies are created the same especially where it comes to policy wordings. It is important that you discuss your requirements so that we can help steer you in the right direction. Contact us for more information.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance gives you the peace of mind that if you or other members of your family become ill you can seek the medical help you need straight away.

It gives you the ability to seek treatment before the illness becomes worse which is important as delayed treatment of serious diseases can result in complications and a higher risk of death.

Having medical insurance can be like walking to the front of the queue. Rather than having to wait for the public health system to be available to deal with health problems (eg if specialists, tests or surgery is needed) the process can be sped up with the appropriate medical insurance (subject to any claim being accepted by the insurer). This can potentially mean the difference between attending to your medical condition quickly and early on, or waiting months and finding your condition deteriorates even more.

Pilot insurance

How would you cope financially if your pilots license was suspended or cancelled due to an accident or illness? How would you make your loan and other debt repayments? How would you support yourself and your family during this time?

Our life and trauma insurance is suitable for pilots, usually without any additional costs for flying.

There are various insurance options available to pilots that will provide you with some financial security and peace of mind. If you get sick or have an accident during work or leisure time, the burden of being off work with no income will be drastically reduced. Something as simple as a sports injury can leave you temporarily unable to fly – are you prepared for this?

As well as lump sum payments in the event you sustain permanent incapacity, there are options that provide you with regular payments if you are unable to fly for a period of time.

Ensuring you are financially covered in the event you are unable to fly due to illness or accident will relieve some of the stress you face during your recovery time.

To find out more about the options available to you please contact us.

Fast easy claims process

Making claims can be stressful and time-consuming at a time when the last thing you need is extra worry. We help reduce this stress by assisting you with the claims process every step of the way – making the process as quick and easy as possible.

Your claims will be processed and settled faster as we know the process inside out.
Claim forms can be confusing to complete. If you make a mistake or get it wrong when completing the claim forms this may delay the settlement period, or may even affect the settlement.

Additional information required by the insurer to accompany the claim forms can be complex. Again, if you do not provide the right information this can delay the settlement period or affect settlement.


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